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Anchor Hooking with Nautilus for LOL Powerleveling

March 20, 2017 srmet 0

In playing the Champion Nautilus in while you perform a LOL Powerleveling in an account there are things that can give you ability to caught enemies off guard with the use of your “Q” skill the Dredge Line. With the use of your summoner skill “flash” there are tricks you can do for trolling your enemies, supreme escape, catching enemy champions like a fish and making your enemies hate you. Unpredictable Hooks for LOL Powerleveling What does Nautilus’s “Q” skill can really do? Dredge Line is one of the skills of Nautilus which he hurls his anchor forward in a line. If it hits an enemy, Nautilus Airborne icon drags them to him and simultaneously dashes to them, dealing them magic damage and briefly stun icon stunning them. If the anchor hits terrain, Nautilus dashes to the very end of its path and halves Dredge Line’s cooldown. Here are the things you can do for this skill in catching enemies and escaping team fights; Flash / Hook – this move is commonly used in catching enemy ADC or enemy champions who has low HP. This move is somehow cannot be predicted since this move requires full chance of great timing [Read More…]

LOL Powerleveling: Ryze Back Up?

July 7, 2016 srmet 0

For the past few months, many classic champions have been getting a rework. It’s only right, and just in time too, as the ever-changing meta has had one changes too many through the years, and a lot of long-time Summoner’s Rift residents has become somewhat irrelevant, and no amount of buffing would suffice; only an overhaul would. And the latest one to undergo a massive change was Ryze, the Rune Mage. So, can he now give players, especially those main him, a significant ELO boost? Let’s find out. First off would be his new passive: Arcane Mastery. For every 100AP Ryze has, his maximum mana is increased by 5%. Depending on your perspective, it could either be a nerf or a buff; the former if you prefer Ryze as some sort of magical Rambo that has a bit of protection and reduced spell cooldowns, and the latter if you prefer a reliable supply of mana over gung-ho chain spell-casting. This change of passive further cements what seems to be an addition of support as one of Ryze’s roles. More on that later on. ELO Boost: New Active Skills for Ryze Next would be Overload, which is a far cry from [Read More…]