LOL Powerleveling: Ryze Back Up?

July 7, 2016 srmet 0

For the past few months, many classic champions have been getting a rework. It’s only right, and just in time too, as the ever-changing meta has had one changes too many through the years, and a lot of long-time Summoner’s Rift residents has become somewhat irrelevant, and no amount of buffing would suffice; only an overhaul would. And the latest one to undergo a massive change was Ryze, the Rune Mage. So, can he now give players, especially those main him, a significant ELO boost? Let’s find out. First off would be his new passive: Arcane Mastery. For every 100AP Ryze has, his maximum mana is increased by 5%. Depending on your perspective, it could either be a nerf or a buff; the former if you prefer Ryze as some sort of magical Rambo that has a bit of protection and reduced spell cooldowns, and the latter if you prefer a reliable supply of mana over gung-ho chain spell-casting. This change of passive further cements what seems to be an addition of support as one of Ryze’s roles. More on that later on. ELO Boost: New Active Skills for Ryze Next would be Overload, which is a far cry from [Read More…]