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New Champion for LoL Powerleveling

April 6, 2017 srmet 0

If you are planning to have a LoL Powerleveling session any time soon, be excited as there is a new champion to master and he is looking good, literally. Let us see what his capabilities are. LoL Powerleveling: Rakan The new champion to enter the League of Legends is Rakan. Basing on his abilities, he is a support hero. Here are his abilities: Passive: Rakan periodically generates a 33 – 254 (based on level) (+ 90% AP) shield. Damaging an enemy champion reduces Fey Feathers cooldown by 1 second.   Q – Gleaming Quill Rakan slings an enchanted feather forward, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit. If that enemy was a champion or epic monster, a small circular area is marked around Rakan. After a short period of time or if an ally champion comes into contact with the marked area, Rakanheals surrounding allies by 23 – 150 (based on level) (+ 70% AP).   W – Grand Entrance Rakan dashes forward, landing stylishly at his destination. After a dramatic pause, he leaps into the air, dealing magic damage and  knocking up surrounding enemies for 1 second.   E – Battle Dance Rakan leaps to an ally champion, shielding them for 3 seconds. Battle Dance can be re-cast for 5 seconds at no cost. When re-cast, Rakan may select the same target again. Battle Dance has increased range if the [Read More…]