LOL Powerleveling: Ryze Back Up?

For the past few months, many classic champions have been getting a rework. It’s only right, and just in time too, as the ever-changing meta has had one changes too many through the years, and a lot of long-time Summoner’s Rift residents has become somewhat irrelevant, and no amount of buffing would suffice; only an overhaul would. And the latest one to undergo a massive change was Ryze, the Rune Mage. So, can he now give players, especially those main him, a significant ELO boost? Let’s find out.

First off would be his new passive: Arcane Mastery. For every 100AP Ryze has, his maximum mana is increased by 5%. Depending on your perspective, it could either be a nerf or a buff; the former if you prefer Ryze as some sort of magical Rambo that has a bit of protection and reduced spell cooldowns, and the latter if you prefer a reliable supply of mana over gung-ho chain spell-casting. This change of passive further cements what seems to be an addition of support as one of Ryze’s roles. More on that later on.


ELO Boost: New Active Skills for Ryze

Next would be Overload, which is a far cry from what it once was. Before it was just merely a damage-dealing skillshot spell; now it has a bit of extra effects. First would be its passive component, which causes Overload’s cooldown to be reset when Ryze uses other basic abilities, and grants him a Rune for 4 seconds, with a maximum of two stacks. Successful use of the skill also uses up the runes; and if two runes are used up, then he is granted a shield that protects him from 60-200 damage and bonus movement speed for two seconds. In addition, Overload is now synergistic with Flux, as it now deals extra damage according to Flux’s level, and it spreads to all nearby enemies affected with Flux, consuming the status effect. Last but not least, Overload now has six levels, as his new ultimate, Realm Warp, only has two.

As for Rune Prison, the AP damage was reduced from 40% to 20%, but it became synergistic to Flux, as those affected with Flux that get hit with this skill are pinned for 2 seconds. And for Spell Flux, while the damage it deals was reduced by a little, it now afflicts those who get hit by this skill with Flux, which, as what’s been previously mentioned, gives the two other active skills enhanced effects.

Ryze’s New Ultimate: Real Warp

Finally, we have Ryze’s new ultimate, Realm Warp. It opens a portal around him after a 1.5 second channeling time, letting him and his teammates in it to be transported to a particular location 1500 range away. And although Ryze can move and cast spells while he’s channeling Realm Warp, the spell can get interrupted if he gets silenced and/or stunned. Nevertheless, it’s an important spell that’s extremely helpful in ELO boost ranked games.

Champion rework may be the solution for a much-needed LoL boost. And Ryze, a total ELO boost help, is a great seemingly brand new but tried-and-tested addition to any team. So for a bit of LoL boosting, you’ll definitely get a rise with Ryze.