LoL Boost – Azir Prowess


In azir’s first release, azir was ignored. When riot games started to nerf mid lane champion, rework mid lane items and release new items, azir suddenly take the spotlight of mid lane champions.

In the mid season invitational 2016, azir is a god pick due to his versatility in the mid lane and a terrifying champion in the late game. Moreover, azir’s kit is one of the finest skill sets in league of legends. Azir has escape, burst damage, consistent damage and emperor’s divide which could be used in multiple situation like engaging and disengaging.

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LoL Boost – Skill Set


With thunderlord’s decree, azir could deal burst amount of damage with his W and Q. And azir’s ‘all in’ could instantly kill an attack damage carry in the late game.

Azir as a poke champion is odd with mobility. Usually, poke champions don’t have mobility like azir’s shurima shuffle. Furthermore, shurima shuffle’s range is top notch as its range could be extended with conquering sands.

Azir is a safe blind pick because of several reasons: his range is outstanding, allowing him to farm without being harassed; he has mobility which a good tool to flee ganks.

Late Game

Azir in late game is terrifying. With consistent damage and burst damage, it is like having an attack damage carry and an ability power in one champion.

Regarding emperor’s divide, it is a multi-purpose tool, putting the enemy team in a tight spot and draws a line where enemies could cross while azir’s team could cross through with bonus movement speed.

Pros & Cons


Azir is a safe Blind pick

It has all mid laner wants: mobility, poke, burst, consistent damage and utility.


It requires high level of game skill

Shurima’s shuffle is hard to use and could be punished really hard.