Elo Boost – Top Three Mistakes


We all commit mistake. Committing mistakes do not mean you are stupid, but when you commit mistakes the same mistake over and over; it is when you can be branded as stupid.

In league of legends, mistakes are hard to see. It is a strategy game where every move you make is correct. The efficiency of the move makes it correct or wrong. If the move is inefficient in the current situation, it is wrong. If the move is efficient in the current situation it is correct.

Elo Boost – Chasing


This is the most violated mistake ever. It is inefficient to chase. Think about it: you are chasing an enemy that you won’t catch without even achieving something, while the enemy achieves something through getting away from his/her base.

When chasing someone, there are tons of bad things that could happen:

The closer you get to the enemy base, the faster his/her allies could group up and take you down, while your allies are far away. Even with tremendous lead, you will still die.

You lose tons of time chasing something that you won’t even get like minions and getting objectives.

You are wasting your time.

Tower Dives


There is nothing wrong with tower diving if you and your team can calculate the maximum damage and get the kill. But tower diving without even thinking is sheer stupidity.

Remember you are at disadvantage when the enemy is hiding under the tower, especially in the early game. Moreover, towers deal more damage the longer you stay under its target.

Team Composition

In solo queue it is hard to manipulate anyone’s pick. However, you can still manipulate your pick and adjust depending on the composition of your team.


If you are playing top lane and the jungler picks a squishy jungle, you should pick a tanky top laner.


These techniques are provided by elo boost experts for new players to make elo boosting more efficient.