Elo Boost – Perks of League

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Elo Boost experts benefit from playing league of legends through elo boosting players.

Playing league of legends is like practicing martial arts. There is a certain martial art that punches trees to purposely break the knuckles and when it heals the bones are tougher than before.

In league of legends, your emotional stability is measured. A player will get tons of painful criticism and frustration on the struggle to improve.

Negative things don’t always yield negative stuff. Sometimes negative things yield positive things like increasing the cap of your patience when playing league of legends.

Elo Boost – World Peace

If you are dreaming about world peace, league of legends will let you realize that world peace if impossible because most people are self-centered, self-absorbed. They only want praise but never to praise their play mates. It is where all the good play you do will pass by unnoticed while your simple mistake will be drenched by horrible criticism. And this is the reason why league of legends is not as rewarding as completing rubix cube alone.

Playing league of legends is a peek to reality. You will realize that horrible people outnumbers good people. Of course, you belong to the horrible category too.


Your patience will be tested in league of legends. If it is hard to argue with a smart person, it is really annoying and impossible to argue with stupid people.

In fact, arguments in league of legends are pointless. The individual who starts an argument usually the stupid one because there are tons of possibilities in league of legends, as a result, players are not always on the same page. It is like when someone engages, he thinks that it is the perfect moment, but his team mates think that it is the worst moment, resulting into the team not following on the engage.


It is fine to criticize if the intent is to help the person, but to criticize to insult a person is just awful.