Elo Boost – Faker’s Gameplay

June 23, 2016 James Young 0

According to the community of lol, apdo the elo boost expert is one of the league players who can take faker 1 versus 1. And barely any elo boosting expert can do it. Faker is well known to be the best league of legends player in the world. As the analyst desk said in the world championship, he is considered as the Michael Jordan of league of legends E-Sports. Professional players from NA and EU often say that faker is very aggressive in lane and overwhelming. In Korea, players said that it feels like faker has three summoner’s spell. What is so special about faker? What makes faker, faker? Elo Boost – Very Aggressive Faker is very aggressive in lane. He likes to deny as much as creep shot from his opponent as possible through poking auto attack and skills whenever his opponent tries to get creep shots. As a result, he often forces his opponent to trade and keep their HP low. And in this situation, faker goes really aggressive that it feels like there is a jungler nearby while there is none, forcing the enemy to play passive and recalling back to base. This gives faker an initial [Read More…]


LoL Boost – Why you are Dumb

June 9, 2016 James Young 0

For those who rely on lol boosting all the time: The bigger your cock the less you will become better in league of legends. Look at the Koreans, they have small reproductive organs. They are not cocky; as a result, they keep on improving. On the other hand, the cocky regions with big reproductive organs think that they are already the best after pounding the ass of weak players in their regions. Moreover, co-players shower them with praise. The Koreans don’t think like that at all. In Korea, players rarely get praised. When they win, people will think that the enemy is just weak. If they lose, no excuses; when they lose, all reasons you say is an viewed as an excuse. LoL Boost – Lack of Analysis Dumb people always think that whenever they die, their opponent is lucky. They never analyze what killed them which would continue to happen in the future. When you die, take time to think, why you were killed. Don’t ever think that it is always luck that killed you because most of the time luck has nothing to do with your sheer stupidity. Take time to click on the damage analysis, which will [Read More…]


LoL Boost – Abusing Dynamic Queue

May 31, 2016 srmet 0

Dynamic queue was developed for players to have a fulfilling experience in rank games. However, dynamic queue puts solo players to disadvantage against team players who queue at the same time, a team proper communication versus a team with random communication. Obviously, the team with proper communication has the initial advantage against the team with crappy communication. It does not happen all the time, but for people who spam dynamic queue, it could be very frequent, resulting into dropping ranks and frustration. LoL Boost – Roles In dynamic queue, people get to pick two of their main roles. As a result, the match-up is much better than the old rank queue. Wherein, main mid laners get to face main mid laners too; top main gets to face top lane mains. With this system, the skill cap of ranked solo queue in league of legends goes high which makes players to be anxious to try a different role. It is all good. People who frequently say “mid or afk’ ceased to exist. Teaming Up Teaming boosts your win rate. It is not that you get to avoid bad players, teaming up with your friends make your communication better than solo queue [Read More…]


Elo Boost – Best Top Lane Champs

May 26, 2016 srmet 0

In the past, top lane champions are champs who can stay in the top lane for a long period of time. With the evolution of league of legends, it changed, although the sustain factor is still important, but imagine an attack damage carry like Lucian or graves can now go to the top lane and slap the asses of the likes of maokai and dr.mundo who has tons of sustain. Elo Boost – Gangplank Gangplank has not been nerfed yet. If you can play gangplank really well you can climb the ladder with ease. He just deals tons of damage with his odd barrels and terrifying map presence because of his ultimate, enabling him to support himself around the map. Gangplank is a safe blind pick. If he is on a bad match-up he can just simply throw barrels around, wiping the minions and still get perfect creep shots. If he has an advantage on the match-up, he can snow ball his lane really hard and carry the game, sufficiently netting you and elo boost. Darius Darius is an ass kicker in the top lane, especially in the lower ranks. Players with low rank still have no clue on how [Read More…]

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