Elo Boost – The Legend of Faker

May 6, 2016 srmet 0

With an upsetting of SKT against China’s RNG, SKT is on their wit’s end. The game was chaotic. RNG has the gold and objectives lead. However, they can’t seem to finish the game immediately, resulting into one of the longest games in MSI 2016. We can’t say that SKT was crushed, but we can say that Faker was crushed in the mid lane, giving his team dead weight. And this is one of faker’s worst games in his entire career. It is a game where faker didn’t play as God. Elo Boost – the Players   It is hard to say if faker degraded or the players in the league have just become better. In the past, we can see faker crushing the mid laner every game. In MSI 2016, it seems that every mid laner is as good as faker or even better. Considered as the Michael Jordan of league of legends, people’s respect on faker did not disperse after the game. It is just that everybody has bad and good games. And faker is the same. The Rise of Faker In the past, faker is a solo queue superstar. If there is something admirable about faker, it is [Read More…]


LoL Boost – Solo Queue Composition

May 3, 2016 srmet 0

Since the release of dynamic queue, picking phase has become a pleasant experience for everyone. People who say “mid or feed” ceased to exist as dynamic queue lets players choose their role/lane before queuing. Let’s admit it; league of legends is a game where you can’t win all the time. Even professional players like faker, bjergsen dyrus have 50% win rate. For casual players, the win rate might go lower than 50%. The problem lies within the picking phase. People pick whoever they want without considering the team’s composition, resulting into the game’s fate. Picking a suitable champion for the team’s composition may raise your win rate. Elo boosting experts know this very well. LoL Boost – Coping with Allies’ Picks Imagine a situation where you are playing top lane that mains rengar top. The mid laner picked lux; the support is zyra; ad carry is twitch; jungle is khazix. Who is the right champion for you to pick? Would you still choose your main pick – Rengar? Or would you choose a tank because the team composition does not have a tank? Picking rengar might increase the probability to win the laning phase but picking a tank champion may [Read More…]