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Anchor Hooking with Nautilus for LOL Powerleveling

March 20, 2017 srmet 0

In playing the Champion Nautilus in while you perform a LOL Powerleveling in an account there are things that can give you ability to caught enemies off guard with the use of your “Q” skill the Dredge Line. With the use of your summoner skill “flash” there are tricks you can do for trolling your enemies, supreme escape, catching enemy champions like a fish and making your enemies hate you. Unpredictable Hooks for LOL Powerleveling What does Nautilus’s “Q” skill can really do? Dredge Line is one of the skills of Nautilus which he hurls his anchor forward in a line. If it hits an enemy, Nautilus Airborne icon drags them to him and simultaneously dashes to them, dealing them magic damage and briefly stun icon stunning them. If the anchor hits terrain, Nautilus dashes to the very end of its path and halves Dredge Line’s cooldown. Here are the things you can do for this skill in catching enemies and escaping team fights; Flash / Hook – this move is commonly used in catching enemy ADC or enemy champions who has low HP. This move is somehow cannot be predicted since this move requires full chance of great timing [Read More…]


LoL Boost – Azir Prowess

May 13, 2016 srmet 0

In azir’s first release, azir was ignored. When riot games started to nerf mid lane champion, rework mid lane items and release new items, azir suddenly take the spotlight of mid lane champions. In the mid season invitational 2016, azir is a god pick due to his versatility in the mid lane and a terrifying champion in the late game. Moreover, azir’s kit is one of the finest skill sets in league of legends. Azir has escape, burst damage, consistent damage and emperor’s divide which could be used in multiple situation like engaging and disengaging. LoL Boost experts often use azir for lol boosting service for league of legends account owners LoL Boost – Skill Set With thunderlord’s decree, azir could deal burst amount of damage with his W and Q. And azir’s ‘all in’ could instantly kill an attack damage carry in the late game. Azir as a poke champion is odd with mobility. Usually, poke champions don’t have mobility like azir’s shurima shuffle. Furthermore, shurima shuffle’s range is top notch as its range could be extended with conquering sands. Azir is a safe blind pick because of several reasons: his range is outstanding, allowing him to farm without [Read More…]


Elo Boost – Top Three Mistakes

May 11, 2016 srmet 0

We all commit mistake. Committing mistakes do not mean you are stupid, but when you commit mistakes the same mistake over and over; it is when you can be branded as stupid. In league of legends, mistakes are hard to see. It is a strategy game where every move you make is correct. The efficiency of the move makes it correct or wrong. If the move is inefficient in the current situation, it is wrong. If the move is efficient in the current situation it is correct. Elo Boost – Chasing This is the most violated mistake ever. It is inefficient to chase. Think about it: you are chasing an enemy that you won’t catch without even achieving something, while the enemy achieves something through getting away from his/her base. When chasing someone, there are tons of bad things that could happen: The closer you get to the enemy base, the faster his/her allies could group up and take you down, while your allies are far away. Even with tremendous lead, you will still die. You lose tons of time chasing something that you won’t even get like minions and getting objectives. You are wasting your time. Tower Dives There [Read More…]