ELO Boost: Farewell Yell0wStaR

October 28, 2016 Richard Griever 0

The sad thing about the eSports scene is that nobody stays in it forever. At one point or another, and after all those amazing plays and ELO boost, these legendary competitive players are going to have to hang their proverbial capes. And a few days ago, it was Bora Kim, who’s more popularly known as “Yell0wStaR”, who finally ended his eSports career. Yell0wStaR, the famed support from Fnatic, has retired from the eSports scene after six years in the competitive scene, half of which were spent participating in the LCS. During all those years, he led the European team to five LCS Championships, five instances of participation in Worlds, and one split award for the European MVP award. “Entire years of sweat and late nights, from Mondays to Sundays for months finally were worth. It is all professional and personal, all at the very same time. The world you brought me in is a very unique way of life, and only you, esports, could have offered me that,” “So after long hours of thinking, support from friends and family, I have made up my mind. After 336 official games, it is time to tell you all that I am putting [Read More…]

ELO Boost: More Free Champions This Week

October 26, 2016 Richard Griever 0

We’re still not done with the free heroes. If you think the ones that were previously shown in this blog weren’t your cup of tea when it comes to getting yourself an ELO boost, then maybe these ones are. Illaoi – not a lot of champions can boast of the same power and lane control as Illaoi does. This powerful priestess’s abilities come from the immensely strong sea god, and it is through it that she dominates her enemies in more than six ways to Sunday. She’s not a cheap champion, and she isn’t easy to play as well. So if you’ve always wanted to try Illaoi, this would be the perfect week to do so. LeBlanc – a long-time favorite of pro players, LeBlanc is all about illusions, misdirection, speed, and bringing on the pain only swift and tricky AP champions can. And for this week, free of charge, you can have your hand at this mysterious champion. ELO Boost: Last Few Free Champions Quinn – Demacia’s wings isn’t exactly a popular choice when it comes to ranged carries. But despite being a secondary choice over “safer” picks like Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Vayne, Quinn is a solid and quick [Read More…]

ELO Boost Simulator: Sandbox Tool

October 19, 2016 Richard Griever 0

Ever wanted to test something out in LoL but chose not to because it’s too much of a hassle to do so? I mean, sure, there’s AI, but it still wouldn’t have the same leeway and options a complete training mode would have. That’s why LoL players have been clamoring for one, but they haven’t gotten what they want and need – until now. Finally, with this new development, getting an ELO boost is going to get easier. So, why only now did Riot add this hugely helpful feature the game? That’s because they originally believed that this particular tool was not the way to go. To them, players should learn through the battles themselves and not through some player-controlled scenario. But along the way, their stance regarding the issue has changed. Unsurprisingly so, because Riot has become more and more open to player base suggestions as the years went on. In fact, there are already running jokes about how players are already running out of things to complain about in the game, so they are already thinking about jumping ship to DoTA 2.   ELO Boost: Training Time This particular training tool, which is known as Sandbox Mode, will [Read More…]

ELO Boost: Preseason Changes

October 13, 2016 Richard Griever 0

Once again, it’s pre-season season. And with the changing of the season comes the changing of the metagame in League of Legends. So to give our readers a headstart and an ELO boost, we’ve decided to list down some of the changes. First off would be the jungle, something that hasn’t been changed ever since the new Summoner’s Rift has been released. The reason why they’re breathing fresh air into the overgrowths of Runeterra’s main map is to give junglers new incentives to fulfill their role. They’re doing this by changing the way Smite is used on the jungle’s denizens, as well as by adding interactive plants, which will affect the game, and in turn the decisions of junglers, and ultimately, entire teams. ELO Boost: Jungle and Item Diversity…And More Riot will also be making jungle camps more diverse. This way, players will have a reason to prioritize one camp over another, instead of just simply taking down whichever they see first. Another important pre-season change that will be happening is the nerf to Aegis of the Legion. Because the item has become so much of a must-have that players build one in every game instead of other items, they [Read More…]