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Sell Elo Boost – Getting into E-Sports

July 14, 2016 James Young 0

Let’s say that you are good. You think you are better than a professional player in the competitive scene; however, the community barely notices your skill. And whenever there is a competition you always tend to see professional players making mistakes and you never do those mistakes anymore. You know. You know yourself that you are better than a certain professional player. The only problem with you is the exposure. You already got one trait – skill. However, you look exposure in the community. And here is how to get exposure. Sell Elo Boost – Take the #1 in Rank The fastest way to get recognition is to get to top 1. Obviously not rank 100 not rank 50 not rank 20, but rank 1. Rank below rank 1 is the same as being a normal challenger. This is the fastest way to get attention. Show the region that you are the best. Since solo queue has a factor of luck. It is really hard to acquire the position of rank 1. It will take tons of time in order to become rank 1. Or if the oddity is against you, you may never achieve rank 1. And if you [Read More…]

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LoL Boost – Competitive is scripted?

July 12, 2016 James Young 0

LoL boost and lol boosting experts are not yet aware of this. This is just a theory, but what if competitive league of legends is scripted? Wherein, it is like wrestling where players are paid to act, not to do the real thing. What if competitive league of legends is long dead? What people watch now are just acts. In the north American region, last season, Immortals were considered as the strongest team but dunked by team solo mid in the semi finals, while TSM got dunked by counter logic gaming which was unexpected, resulting into counter logic gaming winning the tournament and represented North America in the Mid season invitational. And now Team solo mid is crushing North American teams, not losing even a single game through just changing a single member – support. They might have been into intensive practice or something to make it happen LoL Boost – Dumbly Impossible This is dumbly impossible, true. However, there is a chance that this is true. This is business. We are entering the world of business after all. No matter what platform we go, business will dominate over passion and competition. After all, there is no passionate human being [Read More…]