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Elo Boost – How to Use Every Champ

July 28, 2016 James Young 0

Elo boost experts are efficient to all champions, especially elo boosting experts. Every champion in league of legends is unique. And each champion has its own complex element which makes it hard for any player to play every champion to its full potential. Most players have a main champion. This is the champion they dedicatedly played since they started playing league of legends. They can also play other champion but not as efficient as their main champion. Let’s break this stupid idea of playing a single champion. In fact, almost all champions in league of legends are similar. We just have to grasp these similarities in order to play all champions as if it is your main champion. Elo Boost – Similarities All champions require good positioning, timing, cooldown management and map awareness (pre-requisite of good positioning). If you can master all these, you can definitely play any champion. Good positioning allows any champion to land any skill with ease. There are no people who are good at skill shots. People who are good at skill shots are not actually good at skill shots; they are just good at positioning their champion, allowing them to land skill shots. Cooldown management [Read More…]

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Elo Boost – Luck or Skill

July 21, 2016 James Young 0

Some resort to elo boost to go to higher ranks. These are lol boosing folks. League of legends players tend to view the game as 100% luck in terms of rank; however, what about those professional players who can repeatedly go to challenger using different accounts? What about Bjergsen who has tons of accounts that is on challenger? Therefore, it is not all about luck after all! It is all about skill, the skill to outplay someone anytime of the day. People who say that league of legends is all about luck are just sore losers who stopped improving. Most probably, these people are on bronze. Elo Boost – Map Awareness Cause of dying is not always your team mate’s fault. Sometimes the cause of dying is positioning or not being aware at the surrounding at all. A good example is a mid laner who placed a ward and did not even bother looking at it. Wherein, afterwards he will blame his jungler for not being able to counter gank on time. League of legends is a team game. It is all about helping each other; however, sometimes players have to help themselves first. Champion Mastery If you happen to [Read More…]

elo boost league of legends

Elo Boost – League of Legends’ Twisted Logic

July 15, 2016 James Young 0

Elo boost folks and elo boosting experts also wondered how a spider can wear a human boots. Playing league of legends for the first time makes us wonder why we can’t purchase 2 boots at the same as our character has two feet or even eight feed when using elise. This dilemma has become twisted logic overtime as it is a question always asked by new players. This game became a world-wide phenomenon in no time because the company who made it believed that they have made more than one game – Riot Game(s). Elo Boost – Swords, more Swords! Even if a character uses bow, cannon, crossbow, guns and more, these characters have no choice but to use swords. Imagine vayne using Blade of the ruined king and his crossbow at the same time. Some people think that vayne use it for close range combat as she tumbles around. While some even more realistic folks think that vayne use blade of the ruined king as her crossbow’s standard ammo. Riot on Being Realistic Recently, there was an update about the snake lady – Cassiopeia. She does not need boots anymore. Her movement speed now scales with her level. The [Read More…]