Play as the Starchild on your League of Legends Account

league of legends account soraka guide

Soraka is without a doubt one of the easiest champions to master for League of Legends account holders; that is, if you already understand warding and basic support mechanics. Outheal the enemy DPS with our OP Soraka build! Find out more in the article below!

soraka league of legends account guide op

Soraka the Starchild | Skills and Abilities for League of Legends Account Users

Basically, when playing as Soraka on your LoL account, you don’t have to front and poke as much as you only have to focus on sustaining your teammates and healing them.

Soraka’s passive is Salvation, and it grants her bonus movement speed when moving towards allied champions with below 40% of their maximum health. With Starcall, Soraka calls down a delayed star at a target area which deals magic damage. Through her second skill’s, Astral Infusion, passive, opponents hit with Starfall heals her. When activated, Soraka may heal a target ally. Her third skill, Equinox, creates a zone that deals magic damage to enemies and also silences them as long as they remain inside the circle; if they remain in the circle, they will be rooted for a good few seconds. Now for her ultimate, Wish, Soraka heals and removes grievous wounds on all allied champions.

Soraka the Starchild | Playstyle for League of Legends Account Users

Soraka works best in the immediate proximity of her marksman, meaning, she always has to be near her ADR. This ensures that her lane partner is well-sustained with Astral Infusion, before she turns to Starcall to damage the enemy bot lane champions and restore some of her own health.

Equinox has serious potential to win trades, too. Casting it beneath an enemy AD caster greatly reduces their damage output, while using it beneath the enemy support cuts off their ability to use their abilities and summoner spells. This skill can be a lifesaver when the enemy jungler comes in to gank as well. Whenever Soraka casts the portal along the jungler’s attack route, she effectively forces them to choose between a longer gank path and the ability’s silence / snare gauntlet.

Additionally, if her ADR’s already close to death but closer to the relative safety of their tower, then the speed boost from Salvation helps Soraka move away from her enemies. Of course, if all else fails, Soraka can turn to her ultimate to buy her allies a few extra seconds of life.

Soraka the Starchild | Itemization for League of Legends Account Users


Ancient Coin, for MP regen, gold, and HP regen
Faerie Charm for MP regen or Refillable Potion for health
Warding Totem, for Vision

As for the Warding Totem, you can swap this to either Sweeping Lens for de-warding or Farsight Alteration at Level 9, which is perfect for deep vision, keep track of cooldown to use it directly when available for bushes.

First item: Eye of the Oasis
Second item: Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Third item: Morellonomicon

This is the cheapest and most effective way to max cooldown reduction. Additionally, these items work with your AP – thus giving you epic heals, sustain, and poke early game. It also yields a greater gold income. The Eye of Oasis gives you four wards to control map vision, which is vital to playing as an effective support.


After these items, you can focus on pure AP.

Fourth item: Rabadon’s Deathcap
Fifth item: Zhonya’s Hourglass

These items yield the highest AP per one item slot. Since your abilities are purely based on AP (thus OP heals, OP damage from Q and restoring HP fast), you’ll need all the AP you can get. Zhonya’s can save you if you get jumped on in team fights and the +45 Armor makes you a bit less squishy. Alternatively, you can go for a Spirit Visage, or an Ardent Censer.

Sixth item: Rylai’s Crystal Scepter

If you reach really late game, grab a  Needlessly Large Rod which you can eventually upgrade into Rylai’s Crystal Scepter for even more AP and the extra +400 HP and slows for safety.

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