LoL Boost – Why you are Dumb


For those who rely on lol boosting all the time:

The bigger your cock the less you will become better in league of legends. Look at the Koreans, they have small reproductive organs. They are not cocky; as a result, they keep on improving. On the other hand, the cocky regions with big reproductive organs think that they are already the best after pounding the ass of weak players in their regions. Moreover, co-players shower them with praise.

The Koreans don’t think like that at all. In Korea, players rarely get praised. When they win, people will think that the enemy is just weak. If they lose, no excuses; when they lose, all reasons you say is an viewed as an excuse.

LoL Boost – Lack of Analysis

Dumb people always think that whenever they die, their opponent is lucky. They never analyze what killed them which would continue to happen in the future.

When you die, take time to think, why you were killed. Don’t ever think that it is always luck that killed you because most of the time luck has nothing to do with your sheer stupidity.

Take time to click on the damage analysis, which will give you an idea what item you should take next.

Winning and Losing

Upon winning, dumb players think that they are the best. They think that they have beaten the best player in league of legends while they are against good for nothing players.

When they lose, they always put the weight on luck itself, never on their self.



Some of dumb players look for lol boost experts to boost their account’s rank because they think that every match is luck of picking good team mates and enemies.

Although luck actually exists in league of legends, don’t believe in it until you are good enough to tell the difference between luck and your own stupidity.

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