ELO Boost Worlds 2016: 2 Matches 2 Watch

Worlds 2016 is just around the corner. Once again, Runeterra’s most renowned summoners and their respective teams are going to take the big stage and duke it out for all the world to see. These guys need no ELO boost; they’re stars. Nevertheless, some stars shine brighter than others, and are therefore more looked at as compared to the rest. And according to our opinion, these two clashes are going to shine the brightest.

ELO Boost: G2 vs Counter Logic Gaming

This isn’t an entirely new match-up, but these two teams’ situation since their last encounter have definitely changed. During the Mid-Season Invitational, G2 went down and CLG climbed up the ladder. But with a new roster, G2 swears to have revenge and are poised to take the Worlds by storm.

Meanwhile, for Counter Logic Gaming, things haven’t been going well. Despite sticking with the same lineup, the players aren’t exuding the same level of skill, confidence, and teamwork they once did.

Their match will be the first in the group stage, so it’s an important match progress-wise for both teams, and entertainment-wise for the audience. Indeed, it’s to look forward to.


SK Telecom vs Cloud 9

SK Telecom hardly needs introductions. The team has bagged many world championships, has ranked first at IEM Katowice and MSI, and has Faker and Bang. And we’re pretty sure we don’t have to tell you who Faker is.

Contending against SK Telecom is Cloud9, all the way from North America. In the history of the eSports team, this is one of their strongest rosters yet, as some of their players were able to hold their own against SKT. People should watch out for top-laner Impact, who gave awesome performances during the summer split’s last days; and Jensen in mid, who’s feared when it comes to solo kills.

Indeed, Worlds 2016 is starting to seem like a big event. So if you’re a big fan of League of Legends’ eSports scene, or even just a regular fan of the game who wants to see one-of-a-kind and otherworldly plays, then these games are a must-watch. And who knows? Maybe you can learn a thing or two and finally be able to ELO boost yourself out of silver, or even sell ELO boost to others?

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