ELO Boost With No Buck: LoL eSports Not Profitable?

League of Legends, in the span of seven years, has been earning hundreds of millions of dollars from skin sales, product endorsements and partnerships, and many other venues. But when it comes to its very own eSports scene, not so much. I guess this particular aspect of the game needs a money boost the same way we players need an ELO boost.

In fact, not only is League of Legends not profiting, it’s also costing a lot of money, as Riot creators Marc Merill and Brandon Beck pump dough into the game’s eSports scene, but it doesn’t actually translate into more cash for the company.

“Yes, we’re still investing millions into esports without profit, but our goal with esports has always been to make a great player experience first,” said Beck in an interview with Phil Kollar of Polygon.

ELO Boost For Players, Money Boost For Riot


The reason why this gaming juggernaut can’t seem to become a giant eSports money-making machine is because the competitive scene is run almost completely in-house, with Riot funding and running its own leagues across the globe. This level of support has definitely caused League of Legends’ eSports scene to be active and popular, but not lucrative.

And if the game isn’t earning money from the eSports scene, then its eSports teams don’t earn as much as eSports teams of other games. “Most [League of Legends Championship Series] teams lose money because stipends are stagnant, sponsorships for LCS team operations are shrinking and the cost of player salaries, content production, support staff and housing costs are spiraling up,” according to Andy “Reginald” Dinh, Team SoloMid owner. Well I guess ELO boost services are more lucrative at this point. Of course, that’s a joke, but hey, for teams to not earn a lot in playing a game on a level like a few people can only be in, then they’re almost better off doing the former.

We get it, League of Legends’ eSports scene isn’t meant to be a money mill. Unfortunately, Riot’s refusal to make it a venue for revenue for both the company and eSports team can also cause potential problems in the future. So if you want to get rich in LoL, then you should sell ELO boost services instead.

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