ELO Boost Simulator: Sandbox Tool

Ever wanted to test something out in LoL but chose not to because it’s too much of a hassle to do so? I mean, sure, there’s AI, but it still wouldn’t have the same leeway and options a complete training mode would have. That’s why LoL players have been clamoring for one, but they haven’t gotten what they want and need – until now. Finally, with this new development, getting an ELO boost is going to get easier.

So, why only now did Riot add this hugely helpful feature the game? That’s because they originally believed that this particular tool was not the way to go. To them, players should learn through the battles themselves and not through some player-controlled scenario.

But along the way, their stance regarding the issue has changed. Unsurprisingly so, because Riot has become more and more open to player base suggestions as the years went on. In fact, there are already running jokes about how players are already running out of things to complain about in the game, so they are already thinking about jumping ship to DoTA 2.



ELO Boost: Training Time

This particular training tool, which is known as Sandbox Mode, will serve as a way for players to test out Champion skills, movement, and positioning, as well as items and strategies. In a way, this is going to be Runeterra’s training tool. This particular tool will feature infinite gold, allow players to reset their own cooldowns, and even stop minion production, allowing players to truly come up with the combinations they would like to try out.

The tool is currently under development and will be released soon with all of the aforementioned features so that players can enhance their individual skills. But what about multiplayer, so that they can get a much-needed ELO boost with their team? That, of course, is already being considered, but as of now that’s the priority.

Indeed, the sandbox tool is going to be a great help, so a lot of players are already waiting for it to be released. But when? Hopefully, it’s sooner than later, so we can start practicing.

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