ELO Boost: Preseason Changes

Once again, it’s pre-season season. And with the changing of the season comes the changing of the metagame in League of Legends. So to give our readers a headstart and an ELO boost, we’ve decided to list down some of the changes.

First off would be the jungle, something that hasn’t been changed ever since the new Summoner’s Rift has been released. The reason why they’re breathing fresh air into the overgrowths of Runeterra’s main map is to give junglers new incentives to fulfill their role. They’re doing this by changing the way Smite is used on the jungle’s denizens, as well as by adding interactive plants, which will affect the game, and in turn the decisions of junglers, and ultimately, entire teams.


ELO Boost: Jungle and Item Diversity…And More

Riot will also be making jungle camps more diverse. This way, players will have a reason to prioritize one camp over another, instead of just simply taking down whichever they see first.

Another important pre-season change that will be happening is the nerf to Aegis of the Legion. Because the item has become so much of a must-have that players build one in every game instead of other items, they have decided to remove its aura bonus. At the same time, they also understand how important the bonus this particular item gives. So, as a balanced response that answers both the concerns of Riot, who wishes to diversify players’ items of choice, and of the players, who want and need a simple but effective defense-boosting item, they will be adding new defensive items into the game, thus giving players more options.

Last but definitely not least would be masteries. To make this particular feature more relevant to players’ gameplay and experiences, they’re making a few changes on it. One good example would be the fact that they’ll now be giving more options for each level of the tree. According to them, this is the best way to make the players get passives because they want them, and not just because they’re the best.

The pre-season has just begun, so expect to see a lot of changes, especially those that will affect our ELO Boost. So what do you think about this preseason update? Tell us in the comments.

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