ELO Boost: Farewell Yell0wStaR

The sad thing about the eSports scene is that nobody stays in it forever. At one point or another, and after all those amazing plays and ELO boost, these legendary competitive players are going to have to hang their proverbial capes. And a few days ago, it was Bora Kim, who’s more popularly known as “Yell0wStaR”, who finally ended his eSports career.

Yell0wStaR, the famed support from Fnatic, has retired from the eSports scene after six years in the competitive scene, half of which were spent participating in the LCS. During all those years, he led the European team to five LCS Championships, five instances of participation in Worlds, and one split award for the European MVP award.

“Entire years of sweat and late nights, from Mondays to Sundays for months finally were worth. It is all professional and personal, all at the very same time. The world you brought me in is a very unique way of life, and only you, esports, could have offered me that,”

“So after long hours of thinking, support from friends and family, I have made up my mind. After 336 official games, it is time to tell you all that I am putting an end to my professional playing career!” wrote Yell0wStaR.


ELO Boost: Farewell From FNatic

Any fan of Yell0wStaR can’t help but get nostalgic over the conclusion of his eSports life. More so is FNatic, the team he spent the most time in, so much so that they had to say something about it.

“Legends aren’t born, they are created by hard work and dedication. One of Fnatic’s biggest legacies is Bora “Yellowstar” Kim, a player who’s helped shape not only Fnatic, but Western League of Legends eSports over the past six years. His in-game leadership has been praised by his teammates and is honored by numerous achievements and MVP awards. Even outside Summoner’s Rift, Yellowstar found ways to inspire players and fans alike,” said the organization. Indeed, Yell0wStaR was a much-needed moral ELO boost.

There will be no other League of Legends player like Yell0wStaR, so the end of his eSports career is bittersweet at best. But hey, like what Dr. Seuss said, don’t be sad because it’s over, be happy because it happened. And we’re all happy that a player like Yell0wStaR came into the scene – and shone like a true star.

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