ELO Boost Ban: No Aurelion Sol On Worlds?

Aurelion Sol is one of this year’s additions to League of Legends’ ever-growing champion roster. Unfortunately, despite one of the many favorites for Worlds, he didn’t see much action in the biggest annual event of LoL’s eSports scene, and for a rather sad reason. Such a shame, because we’ve been getting an ELO boost because of this guy.

So, why did Runeterra’s celestial dragon get banned from the competition? That’s because Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg of Team SoloMid discovered a bug on Aurelion Sol while he and his teammates were playing against Royal Never Give Up. He noticed that Aurelion Sol’s particle effects were not properly being displayed while the champion moved around the lane. Thus, the officials decided to put the match on hold.


ELO Boost: New Game, Same Old Problem

Later on, the teams had to play a new and full game. This time around, however, Aurelion Sol was completely banned and cannot be picked for the rest of the tournament until further notice. Thankfully though, Riot was able to finally fix the bug and therefore put the champion back into the selection, but he can only be chosen on Day 4, so anyone planning to choose him have to wait.

And mind you, this isn’t exactly the first time Aurelion Sol got banned because of bugging out during a big tournament. It was also Team SoloMid who discovered the bug on Aurelion Sol in the North American LCS Summer Split playoffs while they are fighting against Counter Logic Gaming. This lead to the champion being banned for the rest of the playoffs.

So, how bad is the bug that a game has to be remade just because of it, and that Aurelion Sol had to be banned for it? Well, at first it was thought to be a mere visual bug that was associated to the champion’s skin. However, that was definitely not the case, as it would’ve easily been solved by switching skins if it were. In actuality, the problem is so much bigger and can’t be remedied by a quick fix, thus the remake. Wish they threw in an extra ELO boost for it.

So, what do you think of the bug? Regardless of whether you’re using Aurelion Sol for ELO boost or not, tell us what you think in the comments section.

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