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Play as the Starchild on your League of Legends Account

February 4, 2016 srmet 0

Soraka is without a doubt one of the easiest champions to master for League of Legends account holders; that is, if you already understand warding and basic support mechanics. Outheal the enemy DPS with our OP Soraka build! Find out more in the article below! Soraka the Starchild | Skills and Abilities for League of Legends Account Users Basically, when playing as Soraka on your LoL account, you don’t have to front and poke as much as you only have to focus on sustaining your teammates and healing them. Soraka’s passive is Salvation, and it grants her bonus movement speed when moving towards allied champions with below 40% of their maximum health. With Starcall, Soraka calls down a delayed star at a target area which deals magic damage. Through her second skill’s, Astral Infusion, passive, opponents hit with Starfall heals her. When activated, Soraka may heal a target ally. Her third skill, Equinox, creates a zone that deals magic damage to enemies and also silences them as long as they remain inside the circle; if they remain in the circle, they will be rooted for a good few seconds. Now for her ultimate, Wish, Soraka heals and removes grievous wounds [Read More…]


Pure AD/AP Builds for League of Legends Account Users

December 1, 2015 srmet 0

We are not going to introduce anti climatic builds. Instead, we are going to criticize these builds. After reading this article, we are hoping to shed light why professional players rarely or do not build pure AD/AP items. However, all are still dependent on the situation. In the competitive scene, we rarely see professional players with pure ad/ap build. Why Pure AD/AP Builds are not ideal for League of Legends Account Users: Pure AD Have you seen a vayne with pure damage with no attack speed? It is not ideal, as heroes do not rely on damage alone. In order to be efficient, damage need to be guided by another essential status point. Imagine a darius with infinity edge, it is very powerful. But a pure AD darius will lose to another champion with balanced build. Pure ad builds are only viable in a unique composition. Basically, what an attack damage champion need is health and armor, as they charge toward the enemy. They simply do not deal damage, but take damage as well. Why Pure AD/AP Builds are not ideal for League of Legends Account Users: Pure AP If attack damage heroes need armor and damage, on the other [Read More…]

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