Elo Boost – Region Spotlights

June 2, 2016 James Young 0

North America is the first region to have league of legends, thus other countries followed, making league of legends a phenomenon around the world. However, Korea, a region, whom have accumulate league of legends before North America is stronger than NA. Is not it that North America is supposed to be stronger because they are the first country to have league of legends? Elo Boost – Korea Korea is currently the strongest region in league of legends. In the history of league of legends world championships, there is always a Korean team who participated. Or Korean teams were always the teams who fought in the finals. Take for example last world championship, it is Koo tiger and skt, both are from Korea. It is like watching OGN not world championship; OGN with different shout casters and a wide audience. Some good players in Korea are more dedicated in Elo boost than being a professional player because of profit, lol boosting being more rewarding than being a professional player. North America and Europe North America might not be the strongest region, but it is the center of league of legends where trash talks and hype exist. Without professional players being cocky, [Read More…]


LoL Boost – How to Climb Ranks

May 18, 2016 srmet 0

Even players who have been playing league of legends for years would still often ask how to climb from gold to diamond. To generalize, playing league of legends is like tossing a coin; you can’t get heads or tails all the time. In league of legends, it means you can’t win and lose all the time. The more you toss the coin, the higher the chance of climbing. We are not going to rely on luck. We are going to increase the chance of winning through doing all of these. LoL Boost – Use OP Champs Using champions with high win rate could increase your chance of winning more games. Research on the web which champion has currently a high win rate and try to practice using the champion in normal games. When you are comfortable with it, play the champion on rank games. This will increase your chance of winning because you have the slight advantage on using OP champs. LoL Boost experts often use OP champions of the current patch. Don’t Flame Seriously, trash talking really affects a player’s performance. They felt bad on their mistake. Don’t further rub salt in their wounds. Instead of saying nasty stuff about [Read More…]

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