ELO Boost Worlds 2016: 2 Matches 2 Watch

September 30, 2016 srmet 0

Worlds 2016 is just around the corner. Once again, Runeterra’s most renowned summoners and their respective teams are going to take the big stage and duke it out for all the world to see. These guys need no ELO boost; they’re stars. Nevertheless, some stars shine brighter than others, and are therefore more looked at as compared to the rest. And according to our opinion, these two clashes are going to shine the brightest. ELO Boost: G2 vs Counter Logic Gaming This isn’t an entirely new match-up, but these two teams’ situation since their last encounter have definitely changed. During the Mid-Season Invitational, G2 went down and CLG climbed up the ladder. But with a new roster, G2 swears to have revenge and are poised to take the Worlds by storm. Meanwhile, for Counter Logic Gaming, things haven’t been going well. Despite sticking with the same lineup, the players aren’t exuding the same level of skill, confidence, and teamwork they once did. Their match will be the first in the group stage, so it’s an important match progress-wise for both teams, and entertainment-wise for the audience. Indeed, it’s to look forward to. SK Telecom vs Cloud 9 SK Telecom hardly [Read More…]

ELO Boost With No Buck: LoL eSports Not Profitable?

September 29, 2016 srmet 0

League of Legends, in the span of seven years, has been earning hundreds of millions of dollars from skin sales, product endorsements and partnerships, and many other venues. But when it comes to its very own eSports scene, not so much. I guess this particular aspect of the game needs a money boost the same way we players need an ELO boost. In fact, not only is League of Legends not profiting, it’s also costing a lot of money, as Riot creators Marc Merill and Brandon Beck pump dough into the game’s eSports scene, but it doesn’t actually translate into more cash for the company. “Yes, we’re still investing millions into esports without profit, but our goal with esports has always been to make a great player experience first,” said Beck in an interview with Phil Kollar of Polygon. ELO Boost For Players, Money Boost For Riot The reason why this gaming juggernaut can’t seem to become a giant eSports money-making machine is because the competitive scene is run almost completely in-house, with Riot funding and running its own leagues across the globe. This level of support has definitely caused League of Legends’ eSports scene to be active and popular, [Read More…]

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Elo Boost – Luck or Skill

July 21, 2016 James Young 0

Some resort to elo boost to go to higher ranks. These are lol boosing folks. League of legends players tend to view the game as 100% luck in terms of rank; however, what about those professional players who can repeatedly go to challenger using different accounts? What about Bjergsen who has tons of accounts that is on challenger? Therefore, it is not all about luck after all! It is all about skill, the skill to outplay someone anytime of the day. People who say that league of legends is all about luck are just sore losers who stopped improving. Most probably, these people are on bronze. Elo Boost – Map Awareness Cause of dying is not always your team mate’s fault. Sometimes the cause of dying is positioning or not being aware at the surrounding at all. A good example is a mid laner who placed a ward and did not even bother looking at it. Wherein, afterwards he will blame his jungler for not being able to counter gank on time. League of legends is a team game. It is all about helping each other; however, sometimes players have to help themselves first. Champion Mastery If you happen to [Read More…]

LOL Powerleveling: Ryze Back Up?

July 7, 2016 srmet 0

For the past few months, many classic champions have been getting a rework. It’s only right, and just in time too, as the ever-changing meta has had one changes too many through the years, and a lot of long-time Summoner’s Rift residents has become somewhat irrelevant, and no amount of buffing would suffice; only an overhaul would. And the latest one to undergo a massive change was Ryze, the Rune Mage. So, can he now give players, especially those main him, a significant ELO boost? Let’s find out. First off would be his new passive: Arcane Mastery. For every 100AP Ryze has, his maximum mana is increased by 5%. Depending on your perspective, it could either be a nerf or a buff; the former if you prefer Ryze as some sort of magical Rambo that has a bit of protection and reduced spell cooldowns, and the latter if you prefer a reliable supply of mana over gung-ho chain spell-casting. This change of passive further cements what seems to be an addition of support as one of Ryze’s roles. More on that later on. ELO Boost: New Active Skills for Ryze Next would be Overload, which is a far cry from [Read More…]


LoL Boost – Why you are Dumb

June 9, 2016 James Young 0

For those who rely on lol boosting all the time: The bigger your cock the less you will become better in league of legends. Look at the Koreans, they have small reproductive organs. They are not cocky; as a result, they keep on improving. On the other hand, the cocky regions with big reproductive organs think that they are already the best after pounding the ass of weak players in their regions. Moreover, co-players shower them with praise. The Koreans don’t think like that at all. In Korea, players rarely get praised. When they win, people will think that the enemy is just weak. If they lose, no excuses; when they lose, all reasons you say is an viewed as an excuse. LoL Boost – Lack of Analysis Dumb people always think that whenever they die, their opponent is lucky. They never analyze what killed them which would continue to happen in the future. When you die, take time to think, why you were killed. Don’t ever think that it is always luck that killed you because most of the time luck has nothing to do with your sheer stupidity. Take time to click on the damage analysis, which will [Read More…]

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